Glacier flood starting from Grímsvötn volcano

Glacier flood has started from Grímsvötn volcano. This glacier flood is expected to be small like last few flood that have happened. At this moment I am not expecting an eruption from Grímsvötn volcano. If an eruption does happen I would not expect it to be a large one.

I’ll update this article or write a new article when I can or if something major happens.


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  1. Craggy says:

    Oh really, give it a rest! It’s quite tiresome.

    • Why don’t you and go and get a life troll. This is the second comment you put there (I put the other one in the trash) and you are just bugging me for asking for donations.

  2. I don´t know why people can´t just live and let live. If they don´t want to send a donation no one is making them are they?

  3. Gwen Stouthuysen says:

    Stop reacting on them.
    Its your reactions that make them continue.
    Typical trolling: only funny when you play the game.

  4. It seems that the measurements taken at Gígjukvísl are still slowly increasing, both in terms of water height and conductivity. I realise these are at levels which do not give concern. I am, though, wondering when you would expect these levels to peak? I thought this was supposed to happen over the weekend.

  5. Wubbo says:

    tremorplot also showing a significant rise:

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