Other webicorders networks

Here are webicorders from seismometers located around the world. Those webicorders networks are updated automatic and can stop working at any time. 
Those webicorders are raw and straight from the seismometers and there are errors in them. Most of these webicorders are over 24 hour period.

Explanation of the webicorders.

Green line = no data recorded / coming in
Black line = normal data recored
Red line = local earthquake recoreded. Noise sometimes creates red spikes.
Orange line = Telesismic event has been detected.

Los Altos, California USA

North-South channel. It is updated every 10 min.

Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia

North-South channel. Updated regularly

East-west channel. Updated regularly.

  Swansea N.W Australia

Vertical channel. Updated regularly.

Mahina bay, Wellington, New Zealand

Vertical channel (Z). Updated every 5 min.

Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

4.5Hz geophone. Updated every 6 min.

AS-1 seismometer. Updated every 6 min.